The MMSU College of Law was established in response to a persistent clamor. As far back as before the year 1999, many professionals in the government and private sectors, especially those from the second district of Ilocos Norte, expressed in pursuing a career in law.

Soon, local government units and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines forwarded official and formal representations for MMSU to open a school of law for the many young men and women who do not have the financial resources to go to the big cities to study law.

The MMSU Law Program started to become a reality on March 11, 2008, when the MMSU Academic Council favorably endorsed its offerings. On March 27, 2008, the MMSU Board of Regents issued MMSU-BOR Resolution No. 957 S 2008, approving the offering of Bachelor of Laws degree at the MMSU Batac Campus.

The MMSU College of Law formally came into existence in 2009 by virtue of the issuance of Government Permit No 005. Not as plush or as colorful as many law schools, the MMSU College of Law nevertheless has since consistently stood by its mission, vision and goals. Performance in the Bar Examinations has always been above the national average.

MMSU College of Law graduates are now part of that breed of professionals known for their social awareness, competence, and above all, love for God and country.

Guided by its mission, vision, and goals, and the men and women who have committed themselves to the propagation of decency and righteousness, it will continue to live on!